Feed the Hungry & God will feed you

– Swami Sivananda

How it started

NamMyoho Daan was born from a simple yet powerful idea: no one should go to bed hungry. Our founders, Garima Arora and Ness Wadia, embraced it wholeheartedly, aiming to give children from underprivileged communities a chance at education, mindfulness, and a better life.

How it’s going


With your help, we’re striving for a world where everyone has an equal shot at happiness.

Currently, Nammyoho Daan is dedicated to the holistic growth of underprivileged children, extending support, joy and love beyond their basic needs through our initiatives like Basti Masti Yoga, Hasti Masti Khel and numerous Happiness Events.

Our Mission


Our primary focus remains on nurturing the children’s overall well-being, fostering their development, and empowering them to become balanced, contributing citizens of India.

Together, let’s bridge the gap and bring hope to those who need it most.